Matnik Audio is a UK-based audio production, voiceover and editing service, specialising in sound for SME and creatives globally. We provide high quality post production audio, voiceover and narration, and composition for most forms of media. It is driven by a project-first, passionate and collaborative mindset, providing your project with the highest quality audio assets.

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How Matnik Audio can support your project

Why choose Matnik Audio?

Matnik Audio is a small business with a big vision.

You’re not working with a large organisation who are looking to churn out your brief, to specification, and forget about it. Every job is important, and I work collaboratively to find the best solution. Revisions and feedback are encouraged, trying different approaches, and coming up with new and exciting ways to create new content. I’m a creative musician and producer too, and the quality of the final project is always the first priority. Matnik Audio isn’t about finding clients, but connecting with creatives, collaborators, and passionate, engaged people who want to make awesome stuff. Below are just some of the services I can provide.


I specialise in training and corporate content, but can provide high quality voiceover for advertisements, commercial material, and narration.

eLearning and Tutorial

I can provide voiced narration content for training courses, with an extensive background in producing Learning Management System (LMS) content. I understand the end to end process and the need for accuracy and clarity.

Audio Post Production

Providing sound effects, atmospheres, and mixing for media projects including film, animation, and Youtube content.

Character Design

Brave adventurers, space pirate, proud Elf, tank commander – I can provide engaging and entertaining characters for videogames and animation. I have a catalogue of local voice actors able to fill multiple roles.

Music Composition

I’ve composed a variety of different styles, but I’m at my strongest with genre-twisting, drum-thumping loudness! Inspired by action, fantasy and sci-fi, unusual instruments, and high energy. I’m happy to provide short pitches, and meet to discuss your creative ideas.

Advertisements & Promotion

Got an idea for an advert or short promotion? I can provide voiceover, stock music, sound effects, and mixing to commercial standards for broadcast.

Voice Services


Boost your content with dynamic, professional voiceover. Add interesting and exciting characters to your animation. Get your ADR and dialogue lines edited whilst you concentrate on the big stuff.

Audio Post Production


When it comes to media, hearing is half of the experience. Add fantastic sound design, audio effects, and balance to your projects. Get your content mixed and balanced perfectly.

Music Production


Bespoke music for your media project. Inspired by videogames, fantasy, sci fi and more, with unusual instruments and genre mashing goodness!


Graduate audio engineer, VO artist, and music nerd
Matnik on Mandolin

I’m Matt Nicholson, and I live and breathe music. I work from a studio based in Salford. I’ve always been working with music in one form or another; from starting out as a live sound engineer in school for all the events and meetings, to DJing, writing music on PC (and Playstation – remember Music 2000?), then live performance myself as a drummer, guitarist, and most recently, bassist. 


It wasn’t until 2012 that I realised that this passion could be something more, and I could work with others on projects. In 2016, I decided to retrain, and studied audio engineering and music production, which is where I also learned about music and sound effects for film. I jumped into my first sound design job whilst studying, and I’ve been following it ever since. My inability to say no has led me into working on all kinds of weird and wonderful projects, and it’s been fantastic for my experience and skills, as well as meeting some truly amazing people!


These days, I love collecting musical instruments, particularly world instruments and weirder sounds. I’m still performing live, albeit as a percussionist mostly these days, and I write my own music too when time allows. I’m a really social musician – I love to meet and create with other people, and try new ideas. 


I’d love for this job to become a full time career, but in the meantime, I’m also working in content delivery, producing training and commercial video. I also love being outside – I grew up in the wilds of Wales so I’m most relaxed amongst trees and mountains, away from the craziness of cities.



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